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Forget-Me-Not Creations

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Still Cleaning

Deep Cleaning is a lot of work.  I have been sorting through the tubs and behind them also.  I found 5 tubs of actual sewing fabric ---like for clothes.  WOW  I don't sew clothes much so have to decide what to do with that fabric.  Then i get everything out in the middle of the room and I get two small sewing orders.  I couldn't even get to my machine so had to take time to dig out my machine for that.  Then back to cleaning I think i am down to 3 tubs of misc. that i need to finish sorting now.  Dissapointed though I thought when i got to the closet in the corner i could empty it and put sorted tubs in it.  Guess what the tubs wont fit.  Bummer.  Oh well still good to get sorted out and some deep cleaning done. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  got a little rain and quite a bit of hail (small), the ground was white.  Haven't checked my garden yet.  Tomorrow.

Good night till next time.

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