Forget-Me-Not Creations

Forget-Me-Not Creations

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Well I never thought i'd have a "blog" but here goes. 


I do Long-Arm quilting and specialize in memory quilts and bears.  I am a late night person as evidenced by the time of this entry.  My hubby is sound a sleep by now.  I am working on several different projects right now and will post pictures as they get finished.  Has anyone ever had problems getting chalk out of fabric?  I never had till tonight and spent 2 hours trying to get yellow chalk off white fabric.  I have sewn for years and always used chalk to mark things and never had a problem.  Refilled with a new little bottle of chalk.  Wonder if they are making it different now?

Look forward to hearing about others projects they have going on.  TaTa for Now.

Memory quilts and bears custom made just for you!


May you always have love to share,

Health to spare &

Firends who care.

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