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Forget-Me-Not Creations

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Here again

I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since i posted.  SORRRY!  Time just goes by so fast.  Been a busy 3 weeks.  My mom is a supper neat wonderful person and she turned 90 years young.  You'd never know she is ninety.  I am pretty sure i won't be in as good a shape as she is in if I am still around.  Had a couple of different parties for her so been busy. 

I made her a photo quilt which was fun.  It has lots of photos on it from baby pictures of her right up to the great-grandkids.  I'll post a picture of the payout stage.  She decided she wanted it bigger so i am going to add a couple of borders to it for her.  I'll post more pictures when i get it finished.





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