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Forget-Me-Not Creations

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1/2 a year gone WOW

2014 has been a "Memory Bear" year so far.  Lots of bears and lots of memories.  I pulled this up and i knew it had been a while since i'd posted but WOW 7 months.  I know time just seems to go faster and faster.  I've created lots of bears, some quilts, quilted quite a few more and accomoplished numerous sewing projects for people.  We had 2 grandkids graduate from High School, two grandsons are playing baseball, had a family reunion and working full time.  It's been busy to say the least.  I'm back on track now I hope and will try to post at least once or twice a month.  Maybe more--see how it goes.  Thanks for taking time to check out Forget-Me-Not Creations.



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