Forget-Me-Not Creations

Welcome to my website.

I seem to have lost all the content on my website and so I will have to recreate everything.

Please be patient and check back as I will be working on it and recreating it.

Thanks for your patience.

You can check out Forget-Me-Not Creations --(Shirley) on Facebook and Pinterest OR:

You can contact me at or if you need quilting for your item or information on creating a special one of a kind project.

I am a professional Long-Arm quilter in central Nebraska.

I love working with people all over the country to quilt an awesome pattern on their creation - ranging from a all over basic to a more custom quilting. Quilting can include items related to your project - such as trees, leaves, snowflakes, buildings, flowers, palm trees, spiderwebs, feathers, hearts or whatever your project needs.

I can also create just the right item for you if you need an item created from start to finish. I have sewn for years and can create about anything. I have created lots of memory quilts, photo quilts, t-shirt quilts,memory bears, table runners you name it.